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A Sportscasting Degree Made By Sportscasters

Full Sail University is paving the way for students to step into the big leagues of sports media and entertainment.

When we think of sportscasters, we think of big game highlights and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of sports. But, unsurprisingly, there’s so much more to sportscasting. Sportscasting legend Dan Patrick knew this and, together with Full Sail University, devised a plan to better prepare future generations of sportscasters to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

Welcome to Full Sail University’s Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting.

"To get into this business, you need to have experience just to get your foot in the door," says Dan of the inspiration behind the program. "We created this degree to give students opportunities to prove and refine their talents while they’re still in school – not just after they’ve graduated."

Full Sail University’s Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting features direct interaction and teaching from some of the industry’s most accomplished veterans, including program director and former ESPN producer Gus Ramsey.

"Over my 20 years at ESPN, I was privileged to be able to help with mentoring and developing talent," says Gus. "I'm excited to be able to share what I've learned with students at Full Sail."

The accelerated curriculum, which can be completed in less than two years, includes on-camera experience in voice training and live presentation, as well as courses covering behind-the-scenes skills like journalism and multimedia storytelling. The program also features a focus on emerging technologies and broadcast opportunities like gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

To provide this kind of immersive education, students in the Sportscasting program practice their craft on actual sets designed to give future sportscasters a hands-on learning experience unlike any other. And throughout their education, students can expect to develop a portfolio that will showcase their on-air talent, research skills, and ability to craft and tell compelling stories.

"[This] is the perfect situation for me to bring both my expertise, and the expertise of many of my colleagues in the industry, and to marry those with Full Sail’s expertise in education," says Dan.

To learn more about Full Sail’s Sportscasting bachelor’s program call 800.226.7625 to speak with an Admissions Representative.

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