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Become a Resume Rock Star: Paul Mauceri on Bringing Students Closer to their Careers

It has been said time and time again by industry honchos, peer writing tutors, Forbes magazine, and even your mother — "Perfect your resume."

There's an art to creating a written first impression. According to The Ladders 2012 study that looked to clarify recruiter decision-making, "recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume." Full Sail's Career Development department has designed a workshop, Become a Resume Rock Star, to help students and grads make the most of those 6 seconds.

Developed and facilitated by Paul Mauceri, Career Development Advisor, this workshop is an introduction to resume creation. "Helping students and graduates with their resumes can be the most time-consuming aspects of being a Career Development Advisor, especially when helping someone craft a resume from scratch," Paul said. "Any student who has either never written a resume before, is struggling with the process, or who is looking to make a career change can benefit from attending this workshop."

Opening with a brief introduction that notes valuable tips about writing a resume, the session goes on to encourage on campus and online students to bring their burning questions to the discussion. From industry specific curiosities to common practices to avoid, Become a Resume Rock Star takes the fuss and stress out of crafting the perfect resume and makes it digestible and easy to apply.

"We have our students look at a resume as the typical first step in the application process. As a result, it is the first impression an employer has of you and, as we all know, you only have one chance to make a good first impression."

From grammar and spelling to layout and action verbs, students learn the must-have resume inclusions, the order of sections, and the ever confusing "one page or two" rule.

However, students aren't just given practical advice and sent on their way — they're then encouraged to apply it further by meeting with industry professionals in Career Development about how to make their resume more relevant in a one-on-one session. This is a jumping off point for resumes to be added to Career Development's official student resume file for job leads.

"Having a current, top-notch resume on file with us makes students and graduates that much more qualified for the internal job leads we receive from our network of employers. Students become eligible for these leads when they are three months from graduating from their first Full Sail degree and when their Career Development Advisor has approved their resume."

By meeting with students at multiple points in their Full Sail journey to talk about their resume, Career Development believes they are driving home the importance of maintaining an updated document as they gain additional relevant industry experience.

"We felt a workshop like this could be very beneficial in helping students understand the fundamentals of writing resumes so by the time they have a draft to show their Career Development Advisor, they are on the right track," said Paul.

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