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Degree Spotlight: Computer Science at Full Sail University

The Computer Science Bachelor of Science at Full Sail University

Students in the Computer Science degree program at Full Sail University learn how to design, develop, and implement software-based solutions. It's built to teach students programming, data structures, software engineering, software architecture, and perhaps most importantly, problem-solving skills.

"We're teaching students how to solve problems using a programming language," says Dr. Haifa Maamar, Full Sail Education Director of Emerging Technologies. She stresses that the goal of computer science is about more than just learning code; it's also about learning to recognize patterns, create solutions, and develop algorithms.

Students will learn specialized computer science in areas like machine intelligence, data visualization, computer networks, and wearable computing. "We start with an easy programming language like C#, and eventually switch to C++, which is one of the most-used programming languages in all industries," says Dr. Maamar. But students aren't expected to know any programming languages to begin this degree path.

Full Sail's Computer Science Program Director, Jason Hinders, explains, "The people who will enjoy this program are typically people with an engineering mindset, and people with an engineering mindset are people who say, 'I want to figure out how that thing works.'"

Full Sail's Computer Science degree program goes beyond the theoretical to give curious problem-solvers hands-on learning experiences by including applied programming as a part of every Computer Science course. Students will also take project and portfolio courses with career development modules that help build professional skills along the way. Career-focused learning by doing is an important part of each course at Full Sail University.

"The sky's the limit now," says Hinders about what students will be able to do post-graduation. "Everything uses software now. The internet, your phone, cars. The people who come pick up your trash use software for scheduling."

"Name an industry that does not have software," says Dr. Maamar. "You can't. Every industry needs software, and computer science goes into that. Whatever field it is, you're going to have a need for computer science."

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