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Degree Spotlight: Creative Writing Bachelor of Fine Arts at Full Sail University

The Creative Writing Bachelor of Fine Arts at Full Sail University

The Creative Writing Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at Full Sail University provides students with all of the elements they need to become an engaging storyteller while building a strong portfolio and personal brand.

In this video, Noelani Cornell, Program Director for Creative Writing, shares how the program progresses from a strong foundation in fiction writing, publication, and distribution. Then, students expand their understanding of the creative writing within the entertainment industry, while learning to network and hone in on their personal brand.

The Central Track

The centralized track of the Creative Writing degree program starts with establishing fundamental creative writing skills. Students learn the basics of composing engaging works of fiction through elements of storytelling, visuals, action, and dialogue.

Students will also be introduced to world building, scriptwriting techniques, and publication. They'll learn from a broad spectrum of authorial choices and literary techniques that give their stories meaning and direction. These courses also cover the processes behind how writing projects are developed, produced, and distributed within the entertainment industry.

These courses are designed to serve a variety of creative writing careers, and in the specialized track, students dive deeper into their options.

The Specialized Track

The second half of the Creative Writing degree program lets students expand on their creative writing skills and tools while honing in on their strengths and interests. They focus on areas like writing for television, games, comics, and children's entertainment, as well as a variety of genres like comedy, tragedy, horror, mystery, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy.

But this program goes beyond the essential elements of storytelling to give students the skills they need to write for the real world. That means learning to do your research.

"Professional writers are often tasked with creating fiction and non-fiction narratives for a variety of media outlets," says Noelani. "Our degree program strongly focuses on developing your skills for thorough research so you can write with purpose and credibility."

At Full Sail, a wealth of online services and databases are available through the Full Sail Library to help students develop and research ideas and enhance their writing ability.

Networking and Creating A Personal Brand

"In every business, networking is essential. It provides opportunities to connect with professionals who share your craft and passion," says Noelani. She encourages students to join Full Sail's Creative Writing community of students and alumni through social media groups and to be open to opportunities to connect.

"Strive to meet new people and join student groups and professional organizations," she says. "Be open to new experiences and utilize your instructors for guidance in expanding your involvement and learning experience."

An essential part of networking in the competitive field of creative writing is developing a personal brand. This is the professional persona students will share with colleagues, clients, and prospective employers. From the beginning of the Creative Writing degree program, students are encouraged to keep this personal brand in mind.

That allows them to pinpoint their strengths while sculpting their professional identity with each portfolio project. Noelani says, "Ultimately, this portfolio will accompany you on your job hunt, giving you an advantage over other candidates in your industry."

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