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Which Music degree program is right for you?

If you're looking for a degree program that harnesses your passion for music, Full Sail has you covered. Whether you're interested in making your own music, helping others craft their sound, or creating an amazing live music experience, we'll help you develop the real-world skills and hands-on experience you need to enter this competitive industry. Here, we'll break down each degree program so you can decide on the path that's right for your interests and goals.

Music Production – Campus & Online

The Music Production degree program is designed for those who want to create their own music. You'll be immersed in music theory and composition, songwriting, and arrangement. This is the path for students who want to learn how to score for TV and film, compose music for video games, and create their own songs.

Recording Arts – Campus

If helping other people craft their sound is more your speed, Recording Arts might be right for you. This degree program puts you in front of industry-standard equipment in professional studios so you can learn how to record a session with musicians and full bands, then mix, master, and prepare deliverables for distribution. You'll also learn the skills to record sound effects for film, TV, and games.

Audio Production – Online

The Audio Production degree program is made for audio engineers who want to take their talents beyond the big studio setting to record and mix audio from anywhere. Students receive tech packages that can turn their laptops into mobile studios and curriculum in business planning that prepares them for an entrepreneurial approach to engineering.

Show Production – Campus

The Show Production bachelor's degree program at Full Sail prepares you to take your love of sound on the road. This is the program for students who want to produce live events like sports broadcasts, music performances, and corporate functions in venues both big and small. The curriculum covers the ins and outs of lighting and programming, concert design, video production, and complex audio systems that create an amazing event.

Music Business – Campus & Online

If you're a business-minded music lover, the Music Business bachelor's degree might be a good fit. Students learn how to help artists gain a competitive edge in the market with fundamentals in marketing, accounting, music copyright, and business law. The program will also give you hands-on experience in identifying talent, managing and developing artists, and distributing to a variety of musical platforms.

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