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Five Things to Do Before Leaving for College

The college years are an exciting time of life. Whether you are leaving home for the first time, or finally getting around to studying your passion, life is full of possibilities. Most people expect to successfully navigate their way through college – yet this isn’t always the case. Some students get distracted, become overwhelmed, or simply go through the motions without getting deeply involved in their chosen field.

You may find that you will be more successful as a college student if you do a little mental preparation.

Here is a checklist of things to think about before leaving for college:

Do a Motivation Check

Are you attending college for the right reasons? The most successful students are the ones who are passionate about their studies and who stay focused. While there are many distractions in college, resolve to be disciplined about your coursework and ready to treat it like a job. Look for peers who are equally as committed and enthusiastic as you are.

Study Your Industry

Most people who excel in their industries are lifelong learners. Don’t expect to learn everything you need to know in class. Start digging into your field of study now. Read trade publications, follow industry news and get familiar with the technology and terms you will encounter. You will ask better questions in class and you will gain a deeper understanding of your field if you are already exploring it on your own.

Prepare Yourself for the Challenge

All college programs are challenging in their own way. Full Sail University programs mimic the fast pace of the entertainment and media industries you will be entering. Being enrolled in an accelerated degree program means you will graduate sooner, but you’ll also be expected to absorb information quickly and spend a good chunk of your day attending classes and working on projects. Get yourself organized now, and expect to put in long hours, just as you would on the job.

Be Ready to Get Involved

You’ll get much more out of school if you get involved and get to know people. Find out what clubs your school offers and plan to join one or two. Getting involved in extracurricular activities helps you make friends and valuable contacts, exposes you to new experiences, and looks good on your resume. Also, make a mental note to get to know your instructors. They may be working on outside projects that you could help with, or they may be able to recommend other opportunities to you.

Get Familiar with Campus

Before your first day of classes, get to know the campus by taking a tour and studying the campus maps (bookmark them or save them on your phone). Know where the various departments are that you may need to visit, such as Financial Aid or Security. If you are an online student, find out how to get in touch with these departments through email, phone or chat. Also, familiarize yourself with the school rules and regulations by reading the Student Handbook. Find out the school’s policies when it comes to attendance, schedules, grades, IDs, class materials and more, so you know what is expected of you ahead of time.

Good luck and get set for success!

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