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Game Tips: William Kirkman III on Sony's 'Starhawk'

2006 Game Development graduate William Kirkman III is a game designer at Lightbox Interactive, where he worked on the recent Playstation 3 shooter Starhawk. The game is getting strong reviews for its blistering multiplayer action, and we caught up with William to get inside tips for new players.

Full Sail: Starhawk has such a robust multiplayer component. Can you give some gameplay strategies for those just starting out?

William Kirkman: I highly recommend teamwork and communicating with your allies. If you can coordinate who will build which structures, when to attack the enemy, or defend your base, you can really crush less prepared opponents.

Also for beginners, get to know the layout of the map and learn where all the rift barrels are. Keep visiting rift barrel locations to get more energy so you can build strong buildings like the hawk pad or shield generator faster.

FS: Are there any secrets or hidden surprises in the game you can tell us about?

WK: A lot of the decals in our customization options are shout outs to the different developers that worked on the game. One decal in particular, the patriotic shovel bird, is a bit of a mascot we have at the studio.

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