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Gina Lehe Shares Tips for Success in the Sports Communication Industry

On August 19th, Gina Lehe, Senior Director of Communications and Branding for College Football Playoff, visited Full Sail University to speak to Entertainment Business students. As the main point of contact for the organization, Lehe is responsible for making decisions on who is eligible to receive credentials for the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Lehe’s lecture touched upon some of the skills necessary for a career in the entertainment and sports industry. At the core of her presentation, Lehe said that while the industry is evolving and headed toward the advances of technology, communication and hard work is still at the root of her success.

“Be patient and be willing to put in the work,” Lehe told the crowd of students. “People can just give you a job or put you at the top. But, when you earn it you feel so much better and it’s the most rewarding thing in the entire world.”

Adrian Beecher, a 2014 Entertainment Business bachelor’s and 2015 Public Relations master’s graduate, is founder and editor-in-chief of The Skyboat, a blog that connects aspiring media professionals with industry events. Adrian reached out to Lehe to request Championship game credentials for The Skyboat, and his professional and personable approach made such a positive impression on Lehe that she offered to mentor him, and, eventually to come to Full Sail to speak to current students.

“I didn’t go into this industry to get paid,” says Lehe. “I went into it because I loved it. I believed in it. I wanted it. Earn it. Patience is an incredible value. Be storytellers. Storytelling is an extension of communication.”

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