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How-To Video Tutorials for Making Fake Blood, Prosthetic Makeup, and More

This October, we’re celebrating “Horror Month” on the Full Sail Blog. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a series of features and interviews celebrating the best in horror entertainment.

Whether you’re filming your own low-budget horror flick or you just want to wear a really awesome costume for Halloween this year, we’re here to help. Over the past year, our YouTube team has produced some pretty great how-to tutorials for perfecting your horror-themed look.

  • Learn how to make fake blood with Makeup for Motion Pictures Lab Specialist Jared Williams, who shares three different recipes in this video: realistic blood, thick blood, and zombie blood.
  • Want to create a realistic-looking fake scar or wound? Jared’s two-part series teaches you how to first build then prosthetic mold, then how to attach it to your (or your actor’s) face.
  • And finally, this last two-part tutorial series teaches you how to make a homemade air squib, which you can use to create blood special effects that will surprise (or creep out) your friends.

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