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Sound Design for Video Games: More Than Just Music

Game composer and sound designer Aaron Walz has a resume with more than 100 game credits on it, including Ravenwood Fair and the popular Aveyond series. While he's created the signature sound for each of these games, he's the first one to admit that there is way more to sound design than just simply designing sound. Qualities like being a great marketer and entrepreneur are just as important too.

"Your reputation is super important. What games you’ve worked on is super important. I have been very diligent about putting all my credits on my website so when people ask me what I’ve worked on I can send them there. … I’m very active on Twitter and I’m very active in making sure I have gameplay videos on YouTube, things like that, just so I have a presence."

Our sister site Get In Media recently spoke with Aaron about how he finds work, how involved he is with creating sound effects, and what advice he has for students who want to get into the game sound industry.

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