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Student Club Spotlight: Chinese Student Union

The Chinese Student Union at Full Sail helps students transition from life in East Asia to life at Full Sail through community events on and off-campus.

Active since 2015, Full Sail’s Chinese Student Union (CSU) is made up of over 200 students. The club encourages fellow students, faculty, and member of the Full Sail community to engage in learning about Chinese language, culture, history, and current affairs through events and activities including involvement in International Education Week, Culture Fair with ISS, and the celebration of Chinese holidays like the Lunar New Year.

We recently spoke to TJ Shaffer, the club’s staff advisor, to learn more about the CSU:

What are some unique opportunities CSU offers to its members?

CSU empathizes with the experiences related to transitioning from life in East Asia to life at Full Sail. We support the community by providing a warm and welcoming network of students, faculty, and grads while educating the Full Sail community.

In what ways does CSU connect/contribute to the Full Sail community at large?

CSU connects with Full Sail through events like the Mid-Autumn Fall Festival and International Education Week as well as WeChat communication groups and Full Sail One. We primarily share cultures with those interested in learning more.

How does CSU make an impact on the community beyond Full Sail?

CSU is a student-run organization that promotes an all-around understanding of Chinese cultures throughout the community.

What can members expect to gain from joining this club?

New members can expect join in celebrations like our annual Lunar New Year celebration and gain a more in-depth understanding of Chinese culture while sharing and enjoying traditions such as music, language, and foods.

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