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Student Club Spotlight: PRIDE

PRIDE at Full Sail provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students across degree programs and opportunities to connect with local resources.

PRIDE serves as a safe space for LGBTQ+ students while welcoming all members of the Full Sail community. Through PRIDE month events, Thanksgiving Potlucks, and special guest speakers, this club promotes inclusivity on campus.

We recently spoke to Corbett Compel, the club's interim faculty advisor, to learn more about PRIDE:

What are some unique opportunities PRIDE offers to its members?

PRIDE offers students the opportunity to be themselves in a welcoming and supportive environment that is accepting and free of judgment, no matter how you choose to identify.

In what ways does PRIDE connect/contribute to the Full Sail community at large?

PRIDE creates a supportive community whose members encourage acceptance and understanding from all of Full Sail.

How does PRIDE make an impact on the community beyond Full Sail?

Beyond Full Sail, PRIDE creates members of the community who are brave, proud, and accepting. PRIDE can also connect students to local LGBTQ+ resources and organizations in the greater Orlando area including The Center, 26Health, The Zebra Coalition, and more.

What can members expect to gain from joining PRIDE?

Members of PRIDE should expect to gain a sense of community and find friendly, like-minded people who support and accept each other.

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