Supporting Successful Student Transitions

Beginning college and entering into a new school can be both exciting and stressful for students and their parents. There can be general concerns about what to expect, along with specific fears about getting lost, not knowing anyone, having to make new friends, or worrying about academic performance.

Consider the following ways that you can help alleviate some of the anxiety and set your students up for success:

  • Acknowledge that students will not have the same level of personal attention and daily teacher interaction once they enter college.
  • Prepare students with enhanced self-study and testing skills. Some students will need to improve their note taking abilities, whereas others might require greater discipline in completing pre-test assignments.
  • Create opportunities for your juniors and seniors to develop college-level competencies, including analytical reading, long-format writing, and critical thinking skills.
  • Inspire students to conduct themselves as young adults in preparing for a stricter environment with little tolerance for adolescent behavior.
  • Help your juniors and seniors understand what college professors expect when it comes to attendance, deadlines, and properly prepared assignments.
  • Begin the final semester(s) with a syllabus to familiarize your students with how college courses are organized and conducted.
  • Work with students to ensure they are studying for and planning to take the correct college admission tests for their goals.
  • Educate students (and their families) about local resources for financial aid and scholarship help.
  • Encourage participation in volunteer and part-time employment activities which show initiative and build practical skills.

Taken together, these suggestions can help juniors and seniors prepare for the new world of opportunity that is waiting after high school. Find article resources and additional reading here:

Forbes, How To Successfully Transition From High School To College

College Board, Help your students take the next step in their education, Making the Transition: How To Prepare High School Students for College (and Life)

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