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Ten Tips to Avoid Common Internship Pitfalls

Even though they may not pay, internships are hugely important stepping stones on your career path. Our sister site Get In Media provides a great rundown of some of the best ways to make the most of – and avoid screwing up – your entree into the industry. Like this:

7. Don’t assume that you “got away with something” if no one yells at you.

Let’s say you come in really late one day without telling your supervisors, but they don’t bring it up. You may assume they didn’t even notice, so you think it’s OK.




Don’t continue to, for example, show up late, call off excessively (and/or with flimsy excuses), skimp out on or pass off your duties, leave early, or dress inappropriately just because you think you’re “getting away with it.” Especially if you’re an unpaid intern, your supervisor may not feel as comfortable reprimanding you for certain mistakes. But people are most likely taking notice, making a mental note, and generally not keeping you in mind for a full-time position or glowing recommendation.

Read the other nine tips over at Get In Media.

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