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This Practice Test Will Help Prepare You for Your Math Entrance Exam

How future Game Development, Simulation & Visualization, and Computer Science students can set themselves up for success.

From a list of universities, you chose Full Sail – a school where your creativity can soar, and where faculty and staff will take your dreams seriously.

And from a list of potential careers paths, you chose one that will require intense dedication and high levels of conceptual and analytical expertise.

We commend you on your choices, and we’re seriously enthusiastic about guiding you along the road to success.

One of our first recommendations for students entering our Game Development, Simulation & Visualization, and Computer Science programs is that you start preparing now for the math exam that will determine your eligibility for your chosen program. Because of the focused nature of these programs, it’s important that you’re well-versed in certain skills – including pre-calculus, algebra 2, and trigonometry – before you step foot in the classroom.

To gauge your skills, we suggest taking this practice test. It’s similar to the actual exam in regards to both scope and content, so it’s a good way to predict how well you’ll do on the entrance exam.

It’s in your best interest to complete this practice test right away. If you find that you do wonderfully on it, you’ll get a reassuring boost of confidence and can look at the exercise as a helpful refresher before the exam. If you don’t perform as well as you’d like, it’s better to know sooner rather than later, so that you have more time to work on areas that need improvement.

And remember, you shouldn’t just be sprucing up your skills in order pass an exam. You’re also taking your own dreams seriously by giving yourself the best shot to succeed in your degree program and future career.

“Students in every degree program will face challenging problems that will be solved more easily through critical thinking,” explains Jeremiah Eisenmenger, manager of Full Sail’s Math & Science Department. “Math is a tool for your tool box, and having the right tool makes the job easier.”

Jeremiah offers a real-life example. “Game mechanics require a well-thought-out and logical set of rules for the interactions of every component of a game,” he says. “The topics addressed in Discrete Mathematics prepare students for this by enabling them to construct a rule set that is consistent and does not contradict itself. It also empowers them to make good design choices using tools like combinatorics and probability to ensure they’ve created outcomes that are numerous and diverse.”

If this all sounds like a piece of cake to you, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too. Either way, it’s important to be realistic (and thorough) when considering your current math knowledge and how much you may need to prepare in order to get up to speed.

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