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What to Expect When Applying to Full Sail

Each year, millions of prospective students apply to college in a process filled with unknowns. What should you study? How will you pay for your education? Where will you live? You’ve probably got a few questions of your own, so here’s a simple guide to the enrollment process.

Reach Out

The first step in applying is to put in a request for information. You can do this online by providing your contact information, or call Full Sail directly at 800.226.7625.

“Most people request information online,” says Shaun Moore, a Campus Admissions Representative who has worked at Full Sail for over a decade. “In that case, we get back to them quickly, sometimes within a few minutes of receiving the request.”

Start the Conversation

Once you’ve put in a request, an admissions team member will work with you to schedule an admissions interview.

The goal of the admissions interview is to answer any questions you or your parents might have about enrollment – from the educational experience to housing resources. Your admissions rep will also help determine which degree program will best suit your needs.

“The interview usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour,” says Shaun. “Over the course of that conversation, we go over all the ways Full Sail is different, including our accelerated programs and immersive environment,” says Shaun.

Plan a Visit

Because deciding on a school is a huge decision, Shaun and his team suggest visiting campus to get a better idea of what it’s like to be a student here. Full Sail offers two options for those wanting to plan a campus visit: Daily Tours and monthly Behind the Scenes Tours. You can lean more about tours (and book your own) here.

Explore Financial Aid Options

After the admissions interview, a member of the Financial Aid department will explore the potential options available for funding your education. Before you can determine financial aid eligibility, you’ll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which helps Full Sail to assess your individual needs. For more information, visit Full Sail's website or refer to this guide to making smart financial aid choices.

Connect with Housing Resources

Next, you’ll work with a member of Full Sail's Housing Resources department to find a place to live. They’ll help you find a solution that fits your needs, and provide you with a list of potential Full Sail roommates and apartment complexes, many within walking distance of campus. For more information, refer to the online housing guide.

Choose a Start Date

Finally, you’ll complete the application process by choosing which month you’d like to start school. You’ll sign up for that month’s orientation, where you’ll be assigned an academic advisor who will then take over for your admissions representative. Despite this shift from prospective student to enrolled student, Shaun says he and his team remain in contact with lots of former advisees, both during their time as students and after graduation.

“Our door is always open,” he says. “It’s our job to offer support, and we take that very seriously, so we tend to check in throughout the process.”

For more information on our degree programs and how to apply, visit fullsail.edu

Whether you’re ready to apply or just want to learn more about Full Sail University, our Admissions Representatives are here to help. Call us or request more information.

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