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You Can Apply for a Teaching Grant. Here’s How.

Once you start researching available grants, you will quickly find that there are a variety of options to help fund your goals as an educator. Explore these programs to see what opportunities are available for you:

General Grants

  • Fund for Teachers - Since 2001, this group has invested $27.5 million in helping teachers excel as professionals and education leaders.
  • The NEA Foundation - Founded by educators to celebrate, support, and promote the value and voice of public school teachers.
  • - A clearinghouse of grant opportunities that can be searched by name, type, location, and more.

Specialized Grants

  • Math & Science - The U.S. Department of Education extends this program in support of students and teachers with a focus on math and the scientific disciplines.
  • English as a Second Language - Also offered through the U.S. Department of Education, this grant is available on a state-by-state basis to help improve English language proficiency.
  • Travel - Grants listed on Travel Beyond Excuse can eliminate the financial worries of traveling abroad for once-in-a-lifetime professional development experiences.

How to Write a Grant

You can whip out a lesson plan in no time. Generate a pop quiz on the fly. Assemble a syllabus like no one else. But grant writing? Well, that’s just out of your wheelhouse. Not to worry as these resources can help you create a compelling application:

  • Kids Discover - This site gives a good rundown what a successful grant application must and should include.
  • Education World® - Designed for first-time grantees, this article can help teachers understand the requirements and commitments of pursuing a grant.
  • Pearson - Pearson – provider of education tools, content, products, and services – offers a free online tutorial on Grant Planning and Writing.

Good Luck!

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