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Among the most popular reasons to study online is the convenience of working from anywhere around the world. Thaddeus Ray, a graduate of Full Sail University’s Entertainment Business Master’s and Business Intelligence Master’s graduate, says this kind of 24/7 flexibility was key for him. “I moved cross-country during my second master’s program. I had my laptop. I found a library and an internet connection. I was able to get my work done … It was a seamless experience.”


Beyond empowering you to learn when and where you choose, Full Sail also provides all students with the technological tools they need to succeed. This package — called Project LaunchBox™ — is given to all students, both online and on campus. It includes a MacBook Pro, plus professional software and industry technologies.

Adrian Beecher (a Public Relations Master’s graduate) found Project Launchbox helpful in more ways than one. “I think the fact that everybody has the same type of technology in your degree program is very beneficial because you can team up. We wouldn’t be able to do that if we all didn’t have the same type of technology.”

This uniformity in resources not only allows students to team up on assignments; it also supports real-time interaction, enables hands-on creativity, and provides unique networking opportunities.

“I think technology has made the line between online and campus even more blurred in the last couple years,” says Ryan Kitelyn (Program Director, Graduate Studies). “Our discussion boards are set up to basically be that discussion in the classroom where you raise your hand, then I comment on something that you said. It’s a very organic way of discussing subject matter.”

Maria Ferguson (Department Chair, Internet Marketing Master’s) appreciates how technology allows staff to bring students together to enjoy Q&As and guest panels with industry experts. “This isn’t just within a cohort; we usually open it up to the entire university. I find that, especially for our online students, they really enjoy that.”

“We try to break down barriers,” says Jeff Sharon (Course Director, Public Relations Master’s). “And when you can see groups of students get together and meet up and share stories and share resources, that makes a world of difference.”

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