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A Guide to Sponsoring Student-Produced Content

Getting used to maintaining engagement through virtual teaching isn't an easy process. Though you may find that engagement levels among students rise when working in new media formats such as video production, visual content creation, and even podcasting. In this article, we'll cover some of the ways you can introduce these new media formats in your curriculum and how you can take steps to sponsor student-produced content.

At some point, every student is asked to recount, assess, or scrutinize something they've learned. Taking this model of education and applying it to new media allows students a chance to not only creatively engage with the subject matter, but express their individuality and discover their strengths. Some projects could include:

  • Video journaling thoughts and feedback
  • Recording a podcast episode to explain a topic to fellow classmates
  • Creating an infographic based on course content

Beyond your own integration of new media in your subject, you can support student-produced content by sponsoring initiatives and clubs at your school, utilizing online resources such as Adobe Spark and PBS LearnMedia, or even applying for technology grants to help access the gear you may need.

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