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Full Sail Faculty and Staff Create Tiny Works of Art for Benefit Show

Over Full Sail’s summer break, faculty and staff members had the chance to express their artistic sides at the 5X5 Faculty and Staff Art Show. More than 100 employees contributed artwork to the show, and nearly all of the pieces were designed on one or more 5-inch-by-5-inch canvas-covered blocks.

All of the art pieces were for sale, and a few select items were sold via private auction. All proceeds from the art sales benefitted the Full Sail student pantry, which helps provide food for students who are struggling financially. According to event manager Danielle Dawson, the art show generated about $2,600 in sales.

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Faculty and staff members used a variety of media to design their miniature works of art, including paint, textiles, 3D sculpture, found objects and photography.

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Faculty members from the Music Production program who form the Harlyn Trio played music to entertain the art gawkers and shoppers. At the entrance, employees collected donations of canned goods and personal hygiene products for the student pantry.

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Beth Strudgeon, Manager of Faculty Development, contributed a photography piece depicting what’s known as the Peace Wall or John Lennon Wall in Prague, which she recently visited. The wall is a canvas for tourists and Czechs, who use it to spread messages of peace.

“My favorite part about the wall is just seeing [that] everybody who contributed to it had the same mindset of contributing something that was uplifting or positive. It was three days after the Boston [tragedy], and it was, ‘Boston, we love you.’ There was a huge sense of community involved in it, which was really neat,” says Strudgeon. “It fits very much with the whole evening and the intention of this – a community event for a community piece of art.”

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The art show was the brainchild of Dawson, who says she plans to organize the event again at least once a year. “I wanted to do something to benefit the students and bring out people's creativity,” says Dawson. “It was inspiring to see the artwork roll in!”

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