Innovation on Demand: Technology Labs at Full Sail

These spaces highlight Full Sail’s commitment to embracing new technologies.

Full Sail has grown a lot in the past 40 years, and a big part of that growth has been the university’s willingness to embrace the latest technologies as a core part of its curriculum. As a result of this forward-thinking approach, Full Sail has added nearly a dozen tech-focused degree programs in the last decade — offering future technologists the chance to study everything from cloud data to simulation.

New degree programs require new tools and room to create, and today, Full Sail is home to many spaces that cater to emerging researchers, developers, makers, and more. Each lab has been designed and maintained to reflect current industry standards, and each one contains the tools students need to start building a portfolio of professional projects. Here’s an overview of some of Full Sail’s most impressive tech labs.

The UX Lab

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The Full Sail UX Lab is a space where students in the Game Design master’s program can run tests and compile data to improve a game’s overall user experience. The lab features equipment designed to measure players’ biometric responses to a game — from heart rate to eye movement. Clients from around the world come to the UX Lab to have their games, apps, software, and other products tested. It’s a place where students can gain real industry experience working with products from triple-A game studios, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

The Fab Lab

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Students in Full Sail’s Simulation & Visualization bachelor’s program have access to this classroom-slash-workshop. The space was designed to cater to the needs of emerging fabricators, and it features tons of equipment like 3D printers, an injection molder, CNC milling machines, laser scanners and cutters, and a variety of power tools. With access to so many resources, students never have to search for a part. Instead, they can make custom parts for whatever they can dream up.

The AR/VR Lab

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The AR/VR Lab provides students access to nearly every available piece of AR or VR hardware currently on the market. Here, they learn to create custom programming for these devices that can be applied to a variety of industries such as military and defense, commercial and retail, or medical simulations. A green screen rounds out the lab and helps programmers and spectators to better visualize virtual space.

The Simulation Lab

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The Simulation Lab combines elements of a large-scale simulator ride, complete with a fiber-optic network for processing and projection mapping to draw spectators into the fun. The lab features a motion platform that can be skinned and programmed to mimic almost any experience. Past projects include simulations of the Millennium Falcon, a giant mech warrior battling through a dystopian landscape, and a space shuttle landing.

The Smart Lab

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Full Sail’s Smart Lab is a dedicated learning facility for students that features the latest technology solutions in homes, wearables, and more. The lab features a wide range of wearable and portable devices, a touchscreen hosting interactive applications, as well as connected household technology including thermostats, appliances, and televisions that allow students to develop apps for the next generation of smart homes.

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