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“I got my undergraduate degree from a major university here in Florida, and when I graduated, I didn’t feel prepared to do anything other than write papers and take multiple-choice tests.”

These are the reflections of Emily Wray, a graduate of an online master’s degree program from Full Sail University.

In an intimate roundtable discussion, Emily explains why Full Sail was the best, most practical choice for her to continue her education. “It was the absolute perfect fit for where I was in my life, and for what I wanted to do in my career … and at that point in time I wasn’t living in the Central Florida area, so I needed an online program. And it delivered in every way.”

Adrian Beecher, an Army veteran and Public Relations Master’s grad, describes his master’s program experience as “that extra cherry on top” in his career. “I liked the flexibility of it,” he says, “and being able to utilize what I was learning and immediately put it into action while I was in the field.”

In addition to offering flexibility, Full Sail’s online master’s degree programs provide the opportunity for students to build lasting, meaningful relationships. Adrian explains that this was a key asset that he’s carried throughout his career. And Emily, nearly eight years after graduation, still connects with her former classmates. “We rely on each other professionally,” she says.

There’s also a palpable sense of determination among Full Sail’s student body. And this dedication, explains Jeff Sharon (Course Director, Public Relations Master’s) is what makes someone a good fit for the school. “To me, the ideal student for our program has three things going for them,” he says. “They’re curious, they’re disciplined, and they’re passionate.”

Ryan Kitelyn (Program Director, Graduate Studies) agrees. “We’ve all been in our lives where we’ve had a passion, wanted to do something. But all those factors have to line up,” he explains. “You have to be ready to make a big commitment. You have to be dedicated. You have to be driven. There’ll be challenges. Your passion is not easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding.”

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