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How to Promote Your Work (and Yourself) on Pinterest

Update: In November 2018, Full Sail’s Internet Marketing programs were updated and are now Digital Marketing Bachelor’s, Digital Marketing Master’s, and Digital Marketing Certificate.

Content sharing site Pinterest has only been around for about two and a half years, but in that time the site has attracted more than 20 million users, who create virtual bulletin boards to "pin" images that inspire them. The site is used heavily on a personal level for things like bookmarking recipes and planning parties and weddings, but marketers, companies, and designers have also been using Pinterest to promote their brands. (You can even find us over on Pinterest at It's not completely outlandish to think that a prospective employer would check out your Pinterest page when considering hiring you.

We asked Dr. Brad Semp, a Course Director in the Internet Marketing programs to share with us some of his tips for how to properly market your work and yourself on Pinterest, so it's both presented well and easily searchable by potential clients and employers. Brad teaches the final project classes for both the Internet Marketing Bachelor of Science Program and Master's Program, and manages his own blog about organizing business systems. Here's what he had to share:

  • Use Tall Images. "Have you noticed that not all pins are created equal? This is your opportunity to claim as much real estate as you can by creating and pinning graphics that are taller than most. Doing so will make sure that your pin stands out and it will increase the likelihood of someone clicking on it."
  • Use URLs In Descriptions. "Spend some time to craft meaningful descriptions for your pins. Wherever possible, include a URL to your website. All URLs are automatically bolded within the descriptions which makes them stand out to viewers."
  • Tag Others. "Before you submit your pin, find a way to relate it to another Pinterest user. If it makes sense, use “@username” in a pin/repin description or in a comment to tag another user. This notifies the user of your pin and is a great way to get noticed and increase your follower base."
  • Connect To Social. "Connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can do so when you create your account or at anytime by going to Settings to activate those connections. Widgets will appear for any connected sites below your profile bio and you can share your pins across those networks."
  • Add Contributors. "Look to 'outsource' your pinning duties by adding contributors to any of your pin boards. Simply edit a selected board and add additional pinners. You must be following at least one of the person’s boards in order to add them as a contributor to one of your boards."
  • Pin Your Videos. "In addition to images, you can quickly and easily pin YouTube videos to your board. Consider creating 'video boards' or simply mixing video pins into existing boards. This is a relatively new feature and is a great way to get your videos noticed."
  • Search Pins By Site. "You can search for pins related to any website. For instance, visit to see all of the pins that originated on Full Sail's website. Simply replace “” with the URL of any other website that you would like to search."
  • Use Creative Board Names. "Try to get your creative juices flowing and come up with some catchy board names. Set yourself apart from everyone else. Stay away from common keywords for your board names or you’ll risk being buried in the 'sea of sameness'."

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