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Student Club Spotlight: Cosplay

Full Sail's student Cosplay Club is a place for students to come together and share their passion for creating, cosplaying, attending conventions, and more.

With 250 active members, the Cosplay Club at Full Sail is a great place to share ideas, improve your crafting skills, and network with other students who share your passion for creating, no matter your level of experience with cosplaying.

We recently spoke to Kellen Harkins, the club's faculty advisor, to learn more about the Cosplay Club:

What are some unique opportunities the Cosplay Club offers to its members?

Cosplay Club offers workshops to help improve costume-making skills, opportunities to connect with fellow members of the cosplay community at Full Sail, and semi-annual cosplay contests.

In what ways does the Cosplay Club connect/contribute to the Full Sail community at large?

We encourage people to share their skills and passion. The club participates in monthly SCA gatherings, a group that has been active as participants and judges at several of the costume events that Full Sail has done over the years.

How does your club make an impact on the community beyond Full Sail?

Students develop a variety of skills and connections across degree programs and interests. They learn that it's okay to share ideas and passions, both in what they watch and where they get ideas. Body type issues are discussed honestly and positively. We encourage students both online and on-campus to share projects that they are working on and to ask and answer questions. Many former students have remained on our Discord after graduation to share their current interests and questions.

What can members expect to gain from joining this club?

Ideally, they can expect a supportive community that will help them explore and create the projects and characters that they want to. They gain skills and share skills as well as a place to ask questions in an open-minded group.

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