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Students Build a Cabin in the Woods – on a Soundstage [Spotted on Campus]

Last week, while poking around the film soundstages, we stumbled upon a cabin in the woods. Of course, it wasn’t exactly in the woods – it was on a soundstage. But the student film crew designed it using a photograph of a real cabin.

“It’s a hunting cabin, and we’re going to go shoot on location in Wahoo, Florida. We basically built the set to match,” says Kayla Degenhardt, the production designer for the 35mm film project. The crew, all students from the Film degree program, plan to shoot outdoor scenes next to the real cabin, while the indoor scenes all take place on set. The students matched the positions of the windows and the door.

cabin in the woods set image

“One cool thing about our set is that we have a ‘cheated trap door’ on the floor in the kitchen,” says Kayla. The crew will film a character jumping into the trap door to hide, and then cut to another part of the set, designed to look like a crawlspace. Next up for Kayla and the crew is dressing the set to look like a hunter and fisherman’s paradise.

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