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The Transformative Power of Makeup in Film

In film production, it's important for crew members to possess (at least) a basic understanding and appreciation of the full spectrum of responsibilities on set - and makeup is no exception. Makeup transforms actors into characters; it makes the beasts beastly and the beauties even more beautiful.

"With HD nowadays, everyone has to be picture perfect, even if they're playing a character," explains 2014 Film graduate Jordan Bush. "Working on a professional set ... there has to be some type of relationship between the artist and the person who's doing the makeup. Even if you want to direct or be an assistant director you have to understand how much time it's going to take for someone to go through all the stages of makeup. And if we're doing airbrushing, if we're doing prosthetics or anything like that, then it's going to take time. It's definitely a collaborative process."

In the following video, Full Sail Film students get a first-hand look not only at the transformative power of makeup, but also at the amount of skill and time required to pull it off.

"Makeup is part of the filming process," says Course Director Kimberly Carlisle. "[Students] understand that it takes time to do these things, that it's important to maintain continuity, and it's just an important part of the film world."

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