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Top 5 Trends in Education for 2019

Five trends in education shaping the classrooms of 2019

Teachers have more access than ever to technology and ideas that shape their classroom. This year, the biggest trends in education focus on unique ways of learning and how to meet students where they are to provide relevant, interesting learning experiences.

Here are five of those trends in education for 2019:

1. Growth Mindset

Research shows that today's students are more prone to feeling defeated when trying something new or doing something difficult than students of previous generations. To counteract self-defeating attitudes, educators have turned to the growth mindset method. The goal is to change the idea of failure, obstacles, and critical feedback as negative, permanent states into opportunities for growth, experimentation, and improvement.

2. Virtual Reality

VR opens a world of opportunity beyond the constraints of a physical classroom. It can whisk students away to key points in history, illustrate fictional settings in literature, and demonstrate physical science in interactive, immersive experiences. More teachers have turned to virtual reality to develop creative learning spaces, build digital literacy, and encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

3. Alternative Learning Environments

Creating an alternative learning environment for students can remove some hinderances caused by a traditional classroom setting. The goal is to provide a new setting to help eliminate traditional barriers to learning. By allowing for an alternative approach, alternative education can be customized to the student's needs while still remaining relevant to the necessary curriculum.

4. Gamification

While gamification isn't new, it continues to evolve to enhance learning through increased participation, engagement, and competition. From educational video games and tournament-style modules, to awarding badges and collaborating with teams, gamified education has been shown to create more memorable classroom experiences.

5. Genius Hour

Some educators have created space for students to explore their interests and passions by setting aside an hour for self-directed learning. Originally implemented in corporate settings, the Genius Hour is designed to promote autonomy, creativity, and inquiry outside of the bounds of an everyday workload. Students spend several weeks researching a topic they’re passionate about before working to create a final project that will be shared with their class.

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