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Wellness Programs for Educators

How to support teachers through wellness initiatives.

It’s no secret that teachers go above and beyond for those around them. Wellness initiatives can be very effective at keeping teachers happy and healthy, and can also help to provide a more positive school environment.

And yes, even with a teacher's busy schedule, there are a number of ways to incorporate wellness initiatives into your everyday work flow. Here are some quick and easy ways to prioritize wellness:

Create opportunities to get moving

Fitness challenges and additional team activities help staff improve individual health and fitness goals while incorporating team building opportunities. Try implementing fun but simple physical activities into staff meetings, or creating a before- or after-school walking club.

Encourage healthy eating

With a busy schedule, eating healthy is often easier said than done. Help one another by making healthy food options easily available in the break room and around the campus. Share your favorite healthy recipes, and encourage everyone to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Help each other with stress

Stress management is a key factor in wellness. Create a calm space for staff to take a time-out during a hectic day. Add comfort items such as pillows, blankets, and magazines to provide an area where staff can take a mental break.

Students can also benefit from these positive wellness initiatives. Learning thrives when schools encourage staff and students to be at their physical, mental, and emotional best.

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