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Which Game Degree is Right for You?

Explore the Game degree programs offered by Full Sail.

The gaming industry requires a variety of talent in art, design, programming, and mobile development. It's a competitive field where knowing and playing to your strengths can give you an edge. At Full Sail University, we offer game degree programs focused on building those strengths while giving you hands-on experience in a creative, collaborative environment.

But how do you know which game degree program is right for you? Here, we'll share details about what you can expect from each gaming degree at Full Sail.

Game Art – Campus & Online

In our Game Art degree program, you'll focus on the look and feel of a game. This program is all about the visual side of gaming. Courses focus on creating textures and lighting, traditional animation, and computer-generated art methods. This is the program for you if you want to create 3D characters, props, and rich visual environments.

Game Development – Campus & Online

The Game Development degree program covers techniques for creating realistic simulations and intricate AI opponents, game architecture, systems programming, and engine development. It's the path to take if you want to build gaming engines and solve problems using programming languages.

Game Design – Campus & Online

Game Design is all about turning gaming concepts into reality through scripting, testing, and prototyping. You'll explore mechanics to pace and structure a game with level and systems designs, then gain data from play testing to make it even better. This is the degree program to take if you want to learn the development skills behind engaging players and the research skills for understanding their behavior.

Game Design Master's – Campus & Online

If you're ready to take your game creation abilities to the next level, we offer the Game Design master's degree on our campus and online. This program helps you hone your skills in user experience research, production, and design. You'll focus on your chosen area of expertise in a capstone track. That could mean working in one of our internal game studios, guiding participants in Full Sail's on-campus UX Lab, or a variety of other roles focused on leadership and working on a team.

Mobile Gaming Master's – Online

The Mobile Gaming master's degree program is offered online for students who want to design and produce mobile games. You'll work with a wide variety of programming languages and mobile devices using industry-standard agile software development. You won't just learn to create mobile games, you'll also learn to develop a plan for successful delivery, marketing, and monetization.

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