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Behind the Scenes Tour: What to Expect and FAQs

Each month, Full Sail invites prospective students and their families to come on an in-depth tour of our campus, curriculum, and student life. It's a chance to see what makes us different and find out if Full Sail is right for you.

Here's a play-by-play of what you can expect from the day and what you can do to prepare, plus we'll answer some frequently asked questions.

  • What to Expect
  • Registration and Refreshments
  • This tour starts and ends with a bang. But first, coffee.

Arrive a little early to gather in our Full Sail Entertainment Business Center. This is where you'll complete registration, download our event app, retrieve your nametag, and grab some caffeine and refreshments.

Look around while you're here. Our lounge is home to a multimedia Hall of Fame exhibition and is full of memorabilia from Full Sail grads and their inspiring careers. You'll spot a few Grammys, Emmys, game design models, and famous film props in cases along the walls.

Once the tour is ready to begin, our staff will lead your group next door to Full Sail Live.

Orientation and Kickoff

We don't do anything small at Full Sail University. So when we kick off our Behind the Scenes Tour at the Full Sail Live venue, don't be surprised if you see fog machines and coordinated lighting effects, camera operators and high-energy emcees.

This is your introduction to how we do things, from our over-the-top live productions to our educational approach. Speakers will share real-world examples of student portfolios, information about the structure of our education, and some of the history behind our school.

Then, we'll explain what each degree program can expect from the next part of the tour, and separate into groups for degree-specific workshops.


After joining other students in your prospective degree program, you'll meet some of your potential educators and tour our classrooms and creative spaces.

In true Full Sail fashion, these workshops are hands-on. For example, Game Development students will try out a VR simulation in our VR/AR Lab and check out 3D-printing and motion base technology in the Fab Lab. Film students will shadow a real student production on set and experience a post-production audio demonstration in our Dubbing Stage. Recording Arts students can expect to record vocals in our famous Audio Temple and tour the Mix Palace where award-winning music production and film audio post-production happens.

Often led by course directors and program directors, these workshops are a great opportunity to ask questions about the curriculum, student workload, and the types of portfolio work you'll do.

Plus, your group's tour guides are all Full Sail students. They can give you a unique perspective on their education experience and life on campus. After the workshop, they'll lead your group back to the next event in the Behind the Scenes Tour: the Alumni Panel.

Alumni Panel

Back in The Fortress, Full Sail's massive esports arena, you’ll meet a panel of some of our alumni. They're Full Sail University grads who have gone on to make noteworthy contributions in their industries and have come back to share their expertise with the Full Sail community.

They'll share advice about working in the industry and answer questions you can submit live to the Q&A. Check your Full Sail Event app for details on the speakers and their careers so you can prepare questions ahead of time.

Be sure to stick around to the end to hear from Full Sail President Garry Jones and experience our grad showcase -- it's part music video, part laser show, all Full Sail.

Info Fair

After the Hall of Fame Panel, we'll open up for our last event of the day, an Info Fair where you can chat one-on-one with different Full Sail departments. Talk in person with our staff from housing, military and international admissions, and career development, or learn the ins and outs of financial aid in private sessions with our experts.

You'll also get a chance to check out student work in a pop-up gallery and learn about Full Sail clubs and organizations. Take a photo in the photo booth, grab some refreshments, and don't be shy. This is a great opportunity to make early connections and share contact information.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about attending the Behind the Scenes Tour. Don't see your question? Reach out to your admissions rep at 800.226.7625,

Who should come with me to the Behind the Scenes Tour?

Parents and family are welcome to join you on the tour. We know they have questions and concerns of their own, and we're here to help address them.

Service animals are also welcome.

What should I bring?

Bring your questions about Full Sail. All of them. This is your shot to ask in person from the people who know best.

No need to bring a laptop, but it's a good idea to bring something to take notes and keep contact information.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable shoes and maybe a light jacket. Although it's almost always sunny and warm outside, our facilities are notoriously chilly.

Pro tip: Avoid wearing green unless you want your body to disappear while working the green screen in your workshops.

How long is the tour?

The tour typically lasts about four hours.

Will there be food?

We'll serve coffee and refreshments in the morning, snacks throughout the day, and some hors d'oeuvres at the end.

Plan to grab lunch or dinner afterwards in Winter Park to get a feel for the area around campus. You'll find plenty of options in this community known for eclectic dining experiences and a charming downtown.

Can I attend another workshop session?

If you signed up for one of the two earlier tours of the day, you're welcome to join a second workshop in another degree program. Just let your tour guide know you'd like to attend a second workshop, and they'll direct you where you need to go.

Whether you’re ready to apply or just want to learn more about Full Sail University, our Admissions Representatives are here to help. Call us or request more information.

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