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A fast and focused education designed for creators

You're probably here because you've heard that Full Sail University does things differently from your traditional college. You're interested in finishing your degree faster, getting hands-on experience, and learning only what's relevant to your career. Well, here's how we do it.

How Full Sail Degrees Work

Fast and Focused Programs

Our accelerated bachelor's programs can be completed in as few as 20 months and our accelerated master's programs in as few as 12 months – about half the time of a traditional degree. That allows you to finish earlier and start your career sooner. But it's not just about speed. Full Sail's course structure helps you adjust to the fast-paced, always-on nature of your industry. When you graduate, you'll be prepared to meet the challenges of a demanding industry schedule.

Streamlined Learning Path

Each degree program comes with a set schedule of courses every student takes in a specific order. That means that no matter where you are in your degree, your instructors will know what you've learned so far. This allows you to build on your learning in a structured format and avoid the stress of class registration and checking all the right course boxes to graduate.

Portfolio Courses

A Full Sail education is about more than just theoretical knowledge. You'll show what you know through project-based portfolio courses featured throughout your degree. These classes give you a chance to get hands-on with your education, and also allow you to create resume-building projects to show off to potential employers.

Professional Development

A career-focused education goes beyond just learning the skills of the job. At Full Sail, you'll build professional development and networking experiences as you explore career development topics like personal branding, resume fundamentals, job interviews, and career planning.

Career Resources

Full Sail's Career Development department keeps close connections with employers, maintains relationships with a global network of alumni, and provides resources to help you throughout your career journey. They're focused on helping you reach your goals, both while you're a student here, and after you graduate and start your career.

If you're looking for a fast and focused education designed for hard working, creative dreamers, Full Sail might be right for you.

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